World Peace and Our Feelings


World Peace and Our Feelings

World peace starts from inside of us.
Fall in love every moment;
then we experience the world full of love



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World peace and our feelings


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You are what your deep,

driving desire is.
As your desire is,
so is your will.
As your will is,
so is your deed.

As your deed is,

so is your destiny.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5





What we experience in the world is the physical manifestation of what we experience inside of us. Our experience of the outside world is completely depends on how we perceive it. Our perception depends on how we feel in that particular moment. That is why when we are in love, everything around us appears to be wonderful.


How we feel in this moment determines the reality around you. Our reality is our own perception. Our reality changes when our perception changes.


Our intellect always differentiate things and the mind hold on to it. That is why we have this world of opposites or the world of duality. We perceive good or bad or anything in between with our mind.


As a human being we experience different emotions and feelings. Our five sense organs (eye, nose, ear, tongue and skin) and mind/ memory are the inputs for our feelings. Any of our feelings are associated with our senses and mind / memory. Every emotion and feeling has a corresponding chemical reaction in our body. Knowingly or unknowingly we get addicted to those chemicals produced in our body. In order to fulfill that chemical addiction, we perceive the world to create that particular emotion or feeling. That is the reason when we are angry, everything around us creates more anger. Once we are peaceful inside of us, the experience of external world will be peaceful. Most of the time we react based on our emotions and feelings, it creates more chemical reaction in our body; we may get addicted to that chemicals and we continue the cycle of reactions.
Sometime we get caught up in that vicious cycle without awareness, hence the human drama. The entire world is in this state because of our own actions and reactions with or without awareness.

Our conscious mind want to be good and positive most of the time. Our subconscious mind is taking care of our body's needs without any differentiation of good or bad. Most of the human beings are not aware of what is going on in their subconscious mind. And most of them are not aware of emotions and feelings they want to create in order to fulfill the chemical need of the body. Once they become aware, they can come out of chemical addiction and they can consciously choose the emotions and feelings they want to go through.


Meditation help us to be in the middle of opposites. It is absolute stillness. The objective of yoga is stopping the activity of mind; once the mind stop the activity, we are in union with God or higher consciousness or we experience oneness.
The meaning of yoga is union. The situations, people around us affect how we feel inside of us because our sense organs receive inputs from our surroundings.

That is why we experience peace when we are with the nature than being in a city. Our sense organs and mind are stimulated by the people, their actions and reactions and the surroundings. Once we have the awareness, we can always stay in balance and nothing will affect us like Buddha. In a city the stimulation can be more than a mountain top with no people or less people.

Ask ten people living in New York or Iraq, "How are you feeling?" "What is the situation of the world now?" And ask the same question who lives in a county side off the grid, or some villager in India, or someone lives in a retreat center and see their answers. Once we have the awareness, we can get addicted to bliss, happiness or peace; then the world will appears to be happy, blissful or peaceful.


World peace start from inside of us. Once we are peaceful inside, the entire world will appeared to be peaceful. Our perception of the world will be by the peace we experience inside of us. Fall in love every moment; then we experience the world full of love Our life is right NOW HERE in this moment. The rest is in our mind. Enjoy every moment of your life and share the joy with everyone around us; then we can create heaven on earth NOW.


Om Shanthi! Om Shanthi! Om Shanthi!


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