Align Body Mind Spirit on the Healing Island

Waikiki Beach Yoga Meditation

Welcome to Wellness Renewed in Hawaii

Ways to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life – Hawaii Yoga, meditation, pranayama, chackra balancing, energy healing, reiki, and transformational retreats


Ancient wisdom taught us to “live in the present moment” with awareness. And the masters have provided us with the practices, tools and knowledge to achieve that blissful state of being in every moment of our life. 
Our mission is to help everyone to be in the state of Well Being through present moment awareness. We use different modalities such as meditation, chakra balancing, reiki, breathing exercises, pressure point massages, NLP, shamanic journeys, yoga asanas etc. to bring everyone to the present moment awareness.

We believe that everyone has infinite potential, which is same as the higher consciousness or universe. We can tap into that infinite potential every moment trough the present moment awareness. In the present moment awareness, we experience thoughtlessness and a trance; then we are one with the divine or higher consciousness. And this can happen in the moment instantly.
Personalized sessions are available on all islands of Hawaii. The Universe is providing you with an opportunity to lead a happy, healthy, wealthy, and effortless life. NOW, you are having an opportunity to incorporate that wisdom in your daily life with the help of a well-experienced mentor from India. Personalized training, knowledge sessions and healing sessions will be offered to fit into your schedule. These practices will be easy to integrate into your day-to-day life. The guidance of the mentor will help you achieve the blissful state of being in every moment of your life.